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Lapis Lazuli and Fine Silver Satanic Rosary

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This Satanic rosary was meticulously made by hand and blasphemously modeled off of a traditional Catholic rosary, and every aspect of it has symbolism and meaning. While Catholic rosaries have five decades of ten “Hail Mary” beads, this Satanic rosary has six decades of six “Hail Satan” beads. Instead of a saint or the Virgin Mary for the “Glory Be” medallion, this Satanic rosary has a sigil of Leviathan medallion. The final touch is an inverted cross. Both the medallion and inverted cross are handmade out of 99.9% pure silver.

The Hail Satan beads are real Lapis lazuli semi-precious gemstones from Pakistan and the beads separating the Satanic decades are silver plated. Each bead is looped by hand with 24-gauge silver plated wire and strung together. The necklace loop is 24 inches and the inverted cross hangs 4 1/2 inches.

The Satanic rosary is easy to care for. Remove any tarnish on the cross and medallion by gently rubbing it with the silver polishing pad included with the rosary. The beads and chain can be gently wiped off with a soft, damp cloth as needed. To protect your rosary, place it in a zip lock bag. When wearing it, put it on last after using any aerosol or spray perfume.

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Artist Bio: Luna de Plata

Luna de Plata is an occult artist based in east Texas. As an ordained Minister of Satan and Satanic witch, Luna loves to incorporate ritual practices and blasphemous symbology in her handmade pieces. She began as a chainmaille artist and has branched out into Satanic rosaries. She incorporates all the meaning and symbolism of a traditional Catholic rosary and thoroughly desecrates it, creating a sinful, heretical piece of art. Her Satanic rosaries are made from the finest materials and can be worn as jewelry, used in ritual, and adorn an altar.