Satan Friendly Local
Wedding Vendors

icon Photographers

Looking for a photographer? Be sure to check out the excellent photographers at Salem Art Gallery.

  • Alyse Grimm, Photography by
  • Lightwitch / Courtney Brooke Hall
  • Travis Alex Photo
icon Videographers

Interested in videography? Reach out and we can discuss this further.

icon Caterer

Our recommended caterer is Salem local Ferreira Foods. Please take a look at their menu and get inspired!

icon Hair and Makeup

We have several excellent hair stylists and makeup artists we recommend.

Makeup Hair:
  • Nicole Fortuna - Book through the link in their bio on Instagram (UnfairHair)
  • Christine Casale - Text or call (617) 777-2574

icon Florist

Ministers of Satan are excited to help put your simple florals together! We can help with bouquets and boutonnières. Learn more here: Minister of Satan Made Wedding Bouquets

Our floral partner is Helios Floral here in Salem. Take a look at their gorgeous artistry on their site and social.

icon Satanic Wedding Boutique

We are thrilled to announce our new boutique. Learn more and peruse our wares here.