Courtney Brooke (Light Witch Photography)

Courtney Brooke (°1980, New England, United States) is a photographer and conceptual artist. She explores the ties of the feminine to nature and spirituality through the lens of nostalgia. Moments are depicted that only exist to punctuate human drama and clarify our cosmic existence, while finding the poetic meaning in everyday life.

Luna de Plata

Luna de Plata is an occult artist based in east Texas. As an ordained Minister of Satan and Satanic witch, Luna loves to incorporate ritual practices and blasphemous symbology in her handmade pieces. She began as a chainmaille artist and has branched out into Satanic rosaries. She incorporates all the meaning and symbolism of a traditional Catholic rosary and thoroughly desecrates it, creating a sinful, heretical piece of art. Her Satanic rosaries are made from the finest materials and can be worn as jewelry, used in ritual, and adorn an altar.

Under the Pyramids

Under the Pyramids pieces are designed and carefully handcrafted by Mathlyd in her Parisian atelier, close to the Canal Saint-Martin. She works with sustainable and predominantly locally recycled sterling silver. Each creation is hand-made and one-of-one.  Mathlyd is inspired by nature, magick, lost civilisations, and times immemorial. Mists, and forests, and rings, and megaliths. Folk-lore and legends. Alphabets and symbols. And the writings and arts of the XIXth Century.

Pixie the Witch

Pixie the Witch is an ordained minister of Satan, mixed media artist and a witch living in the unholy heart of Salem, MA. She was introduced to The Satanic Temple in Salem in 2016 when she did a project on the Baphomet statue for her sculpture class at Montserrat College of Art. Specializing in hand engraved candles and hand braided handfasting cords, her passion as an artist and as a Satanist is working one on one with her satanic community to determine their perfect customized tools for weddings or other satanic rituals. All of her work is handmade to order and crafted with you and your loved ones' vision in mind. Her process welcomes as little or as much of your creative control as you desire, allowing you to speak with her personally if needed.


MsFormaldehyde is a handmade crafting artist in San Diego, CA. Kelly runs MsFormaldehyde along with her partner, Steve. Kelly grew up on a small farm in Ramona, CA. MsFormaldehyde started in 2008, after Kelly was laid off from her science job. She creates what comes from deep inside her soul. Kelly describes her creations as an extension of her personality. She says there is nothing better than seeing people enjoy her creations. All of the skulls are ethically sourced. Currently, her skulls are 3D printed skulls to make vegan options and still be spooky. Adorn yourself with one of her original hand crafted creations and project your inner succubbus to the world! You can catch MsFormaldehyde throughout the year, traveling with the Oddities and Curiosities Expo.

Melissa Gurr

Originally from Southern California, Melissa Gurr is an artist and maker now based in Southington, Connecticut. Melissa is a Minister of Satan and regular host of the Satanic Estate’s Dark Arts and Crafts after service activities where she can be seen working on new projects on Tuesday nights. Melissa is a multifaceted artist working across a wide variety of mediums, from woodworking to candle making, to create one of a kind pieces and ritual items.

Riley Phoebus (Fallopian Handmade)

Fallopian Handmade is a one person operation based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Minister Riley Phoebus (they/them) is the Congregation Head of The Satanic Temple Indiana and a Caretaker for The Satanic Estate. They look forward to creating pieces intentionally for fellow Satanists & Secularists. Minister Phoebus draws inspiration from their own experience with queerness. Most of their independent pieces portray bold, powerful concepts in a bright, light-hearted way.  With a heart for sustainability, they source many of their materials from pre-loved vintage jewelry, thrifted children’s toys, and found pieces that can be up-cycled into something new and unique. You can find their full product collection here:

Belmont Lowe’s Living Art

Belmont & Hawthorne Lowe are independent artists based out of Portland, OR who specialize in turning client's Blood samples (or of those they cherish) into vibrant works of art. After losing their youngest brother to a questionable accident that remains unsolved, they became passionate about the creation of art through the media of life. This method to preserve the color and vibrancy of the media results in safe to display "living" art. We work with lovers, lost pets/familiars, the LGBTQ+ community, and all who look to preserve the connection that they share with themselves or their loved ones. 

"If you love something, you'll bleed for it." 

Simon Widdop

Simon Widdop is an award winning poet from West Yorkshire, England. His work deals with love, mourning, horror and political struggles. Simon's two collections Sending A Drunk Text Whilst Sober and The Poet From The Black Lagoon were received with critical acclaim and his debut show Stained won in the inaugural Hive Award at Greater Manchester Fringe in 2019. 

Randy Faust

Randy Faust is an artist and Satanist. Randy has created artwork and branding for TST3K, Satanic Weddings, and designed the Minister of Satan certificates. The Dark Art of Drawing is available on The Satanic Temple TV.

Shiva Honey

Shiva Honey is a Satanic Priestess and Ordained Minister of The Satanic Temple. She was a founding member of The Satanic Temple Detroit (the first chapter of The Satanic Temple) and The National Council of The Satanic Temple. In addition to being a chief architect of The Unveiling, Snaketivity, and other TST Detroit actions and rituals, she organized a number of national events/campaigns, including bringing the Baphomet statue to Arkansas 2018. In 2021 she was awarded The Satanic Temple's Anatole France Literary Award for Contemporary Literature for her best-selling book The Devil's Tome: A Book of Modern Satanic Ritual which contributed significantly to the understanding of non-theistic ritual and stoked a Satanic ritual movement. Shiva has performed and taught about Satanic ritual throughout the world. Her work has been featured in the film Hail Satan? (2019) and CNN's This is Life with Lisa Ling: The Satanists Next Door (2015) and on Satanic Planet’s self-titled album. In 2021 she released the first ever Satanic ritual deck, The Devil's Deck and announced her new book which will be arrive in 2022 - The Devil’s Death: Your Satanic Companion for Grief and Dying.